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The White Blaze

The White Blaze

Hiking and filming on the Appalachian Trail is well underway now. So far updates have been primarily kept to photos in an effort to keep our current location and progress private. While we won't say exactly where we are, we can let you know we have hiked between 400-600 miles and have finished with 3 states: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. 

Filming a documentary while hiking long distance has proven to be an adventure and challenge everyday. And everyday, even the stressful ones and the pouring rain ones, we are so happy that we get to be out here filming this project. 

At the end of most days, Lindsay and I watch dailies (footage from the day) in our tent. I'm going to brag a little about how great the footage is that Lindsay is getting. It's really beautiful work and even though I never want this journey to end, I can't wait to start the post-production portion of the project so that we can comb through all of Lindsay's amazing work! 

One of the absolute best parts of this project has been the opportunity to meet and interview some truly awesome, unique, and inspiring women. I can't wait to share their stories with you all!

More updates to come soon!